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Effective meetings

  • A meeting should produce benefits and not waste time. Meetings are costly and should only be convened when needed. Ask:
    • Why - is the meeting necessary?
    • What - is it's purpose?
    • What - benefits are expected?
    • How - would you achieve these without this meeting?
  • The timing of the meeting should make the best use of peoples time and not distract them from more important tasks.
    Note: Just before the end of the day people:
    • Have a fresh knowledge of what's happening
    • Have an incentive to be brief
    • Can think overnight and return next day to the challenge refreshed
  • Events are a useful trigger for meetings, ensuring time is invested in resolving problems
  • Only people who are needed should attend
  • Use an agenda. A 'to do list'
    Think about the order, does it make best use of peoples time? Can someone make a contribution and then leave
  • Insist people come prepared
  • Start on time
  • Stick to the subject
  • Ensure a note is made of decisions, what will be done by who and when. A white or rolling board can be used to focus attention and ensure everyone understands what has been decided
    These notes form the basis for the minutes of the meeting and agenda for the next (if needed). Circulate these at the end of the meeting or ASAP

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